Prime Mover Rental

ORIX has a range of Prime Movers that are suited for short or long term leases and various purposes to suit your needs.


Suitable for commercial, agricultural and industrial use, Prime Mover vehicle hire enables companies to instantly increase the size of their fleet, offering total flexibility. ORIX Vehicle Hiring avoids expensive downtime and the long-term financial commitment or capital outlay for specialised equipment. Vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained by highly qualified and experienced technicians to ensure the safety of our clients.


If you have a big load to haul and require more wheels, a Prime Mover from ORIX is the most cost effective solution. Our modern Prime Mover rental fleet are expertly maintained and fully geared to tackle any challenge thrown at them. If you have a load to carry, ORIX has the wheels to move it.

Prime mover rental

Prime Mover Rental

ORIX offers one of Australia’s largest range of prime movers, including the latest Euro 5 spec fuel efficient Volvo range. The ORIX fleet of Prime Movers are predominantly Volvos. We have integrated Volvo Prime Movers for their efficiency and reliability.

  • Road Train Rated Prime Mover

    • 505-550HP sleeper COE & bonneted 12/24V trailer connections, DBRTTable, ABS, air con, bull bars long range tanks

    • 90-120 tonne GCM

    • 6 cyl 15.0L Turbo Intercooled 550hp

    • Licence Required - MC

  • B Double Rated Prime Mover

    • 470-550HP sleeper COE & bonneted 12/24V trailer connections DBRTTable, ABS, air con (some with bull bars)

    • 75-90 tonne GCM

    • 6 cyl 13.0L Turbo Intercooled 500hp

    • Licence Required - MC

  • Tandem Drive Prime Mover - Single Trailer Rated

    • 425-500 Hp COE & bonneted units 12/24V trailer connections DBRTTable

    • 45-50 tonne GCM

    • 6 cyl 15.7L Turbo Intercooled 425hp

    • Licence Required - HC

  • Single Drive Prime Mover

    • 310-340 Hp air con, power steering, sleeper / nap cab man & auto type trans

    • 38-44 tonne GCM

    • 6 cyl 12.5L Turbo Intercooled 320hp

    • Licence Required - HC